About Me


My name is Khang Nguyen (Nguyễn Nam Khang)

I am an alumnus of RMIT University, Bachelor of IT. During the time I was there, I happened to found the IT Club of RMIT, RMITC. The club was meant to be an active student-centered learning environment and fulfill the gap of the academy and industry requirements. We also hosted games of RoboCode which gave us invaluable opportunities to harass our dear lecturers' bots (oh sweet sweet revenge).

I am also a big fan of contributing to the community. I was a lecturer and organizer of MultiUni, a non-profit organization serving open education for the community. And I have involved in the Barcamp movement in Vietnam since 2008 and played a crucial role since 2013.

When I am not cranking code or reading books, I enjoy skimming Quora, photographing, and whatever to catch up with the cool things at the moment.

Feel free to reach me at nguyenkhang90@gmail.com or connect to my professional network on LinkedIn


  1. Hi Khang,

    Great to see someone as passionate and committed to developing the IT community as you! We share that mission.

    ITviec is collecting events of interest to IT people in Vietnam and posting on our blog, http://blog.itviec.com. Maybe you would be interested in making a presentation on a tech topic?


    1. Hi Chris,

      I really appreciate the chance you are proposing. Normally I would love to have a talk about Software estimation Procedure for startup. However, given the current workload and planning, it is hard for me to prepare a good presentation.

      Perhaps some time in November or December this year would be nice. If you are still interested in inviting me to ITViec TechTalks by that time, I would be honored.


  2. Sure Khang. Just let us know when you're ready.

  3. Hey Khang,

    It has been a really long time not talking to you but I read your blog regularly even though there are things I could not understand. I just want to say that I wish you all the best and hope to meet with you soon.


    1. Hey Tùng, thanks for keeping an eye on my blog regularly. One of my best movement these days is to see the page view of the blog goes up after every post and you sir, certainly making it happens :) I wish we could meet as often as college time, perhaps I should plan a meetup some time.