Monday, November 1, 2010

Internship report

  • Company introduction
  • Company market segments and clients
  • Description of kind of work done by the company
  • Management structure
  • Difference in working environment between university and company
  • Work processes from client contact to final signoff
Processes and documents
  • Discussion of what processes, documents and standards are used within the company
  • Discussion on the strengths and weaknesses
  • A brief statement of whom you have spoken with in your company, what roles they occupy, how you are related to them.
  • Background of projects (existing or not, duration, customer and industry)
So far I have been involved in 2 projects and a similarity between them is that they are all on-going web projects. Aside from that, it is hard to find another commonality among those. While one project involves e-commerce site management and PayPal integration, the other has clearly separated back-end and front-end components. Customers of these projects come from different industries, but they all can be described as entrepreneurs. The wide nature of the works leads to various duration, ranging from approximately to weeks. Details of the projects are covered in the following sections
  • Project description
    • Biopeutic: an e-commerce web site is written in python, uses WARP, a company internal framework facilitating CRUD tasks and is integrated with PayPal for banking transactions.
    • Surf Said Fred. Backend, front-end, Yii framework.
  • Requirements (?! redundant)
    • Biopeutic: Python and WARP and Twisted
    • Surf Said Fred: Yii, (Google Map + iPhone)
  • Schedule
  • Tools and skills required
    • Sufficient knowledge about the programming languages (python, php and objective C) and the ability to apply that language in OOP models.
    • Adequate knowledge about frameworks used in projects (Yii and WARP)
    • Thorough understanding about MVC models especially about responsibility of each component and interaction between each other.
    • Intermediate Unix-system skills as both are web site projects and run on dedicated servers.
  • Resources (number of people/time/external input)
Your learning
  • Experiences from the internship: technologies, processes and any other
The internship goes against all of the education I received in RMIT about project management. Since the first time being taught about software engineering in semester 2, I have assumed that Agile, RUP and CMMI are widely used among IT companies to efficiently control their projects and factors such as business analysis, code quality or testing are strongly focused and focused equally among projects. Before starting the job I have been well aware that heavy weight methodologies (e.g CMMI) is out of question. But now, even light weight methodologies left in hand such as XP or Scrum customer sucks, and the website might not in a high enough priority for them. Even SSF is not really agile although the customer is much more active than biopeutic
  • How does it fit the overall career expectation
  • How do you expect to learn most new things
  • The need of additional resources to learn

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