Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Internship - a step into reality

"I have been working for almost two years, how new that experience can be?" I answered to a lecturer of mine, when he told me to open my mind for the new experience of the coming internship in Taiwan. Well, I was badly wrong.

I had my first job two years ago. Back then, I was young and naive. The computing world in my eyes back then was all about new ideas, inspiration and motivation. That optimistic viewpoint of mine was created by multiple factors, besides the fact that I was young and naive, stated above.
  • I worked in a start up company with our in-house projects and only considered out-sourcing as a way to learn new technology while still being paid. My boss came from Silicon Valley and possessed a strong belief about the power of inspiration and connecting ideas all over the world. Until now I still believe that is the right way a start up should be, but in order to dream, people have to live first and that leads me to the second bullet.
  • Back then, the finance was not a problem. The company was run by the boss savings (in US) and in a country where the living standard is relatively low like Vietnam, that was quite enough. How about me? I was 18 and still lived under the support of my parents. I didn't have to live on my own and was so excited with the first working experience that salary was not a matter at all. But my colleagues at Cogini are at their thirties, forties and are men of family. I guess that fact is self-explaining enough.
  • During my time in university, I had observed the huge successes pf the iPhone, Android, the app store and social network (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). They just happened right before my eyes and strongly inspired my with the power of innovation.
But this four-month internship dragged me back to the ground. Stated above, people here have a family to support, kids to raise up, bills to paid and all other uncountable social welfare. Look at the fact how many start-ups can last for more than 2 years and not to mention whether they can make it success or not, it makes me feel like the bravery to dream and the desire to pursue dreams are the youth's ultimate privilege.
But that does not mean there is nothing interesting in an out-sourcing company! I have learned quite a lot here about dealing with customer and the gap between academic and industrial need.

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