Saturday, June 28, 2014

[RMIT Alumni Profile] - Nguyen Nam Khang, Bachelor of Information Technology

Know what you want and make it happen

Graduating from RMIT with a GPA of 4.0, organizing educational activities for the non-profit group MultiUni, and working as Vietnam's Chief Representative of Hong Kong software company Cogini, Nguyen Nam Khang knows how to get the best out of himself.
“Know what you want, but never lock yourself into just one thing. Instead, try to develop a variety of knowledge areas and skill sets,” Khang says.

Motivated to learn

Khang always wanted to become a computer programmer, so when the time came he chose the Information Technology program at RMIT Vietnam
“During my three years at the university, besides gaining and extending specialised knowledge, I took every chance to develop other important skills such as self-directed learning, time management, presentation skills and teamwork. These are significant skills for every job."
According to Khang, it was thanks to the student-centred teaching methodology at RMIT that he effectively managed many aspects of his study, including choosing class schedules, learning new methods and deciding his future direction.
“In an environment where students have the chance to interact, discuss and even debate directly with lecturers and classmates, where different learning objectives are respected equally, I felt motivated to dig deeply into IT knowledge from many sources and to apply the learning method that worked best for me.”

Inspired to spread his wings

Khang believes that participating in extracurricular activities is another effective way for students to try various roles. Leading RMITC, the University’s student-run information technology club, was Khang’s first management experience. The club gave him the opportunity to not only expand his IT knowledge but also develop organizational and project management skills.
Khang also participated in educational projects with MultiUni, a non-profit organisation that aims to help young people better transition into the real working world. Khang helped organise the workshops and shared his knowledge and experience of IT with the program’s participants.
“Pursue your passion with all your heart. As long as you try your best and do everything with the fullest enthusiasm, success will come to you sooner or later,” he says.

Realising his dreams

In 2010, one of the IT lecturers at the University introduced him to an internship opportunity at Cogini Hong Kong, an international software development and systems integration company serving clients from all over the world.
“Having studied in the international environment at RMIT, I was able to work well with other colleagues from different countries.”
In February 2011, Cogini established its first office in Vietnam and Khang was appointed as their Chief Representative. He is now in charge of running the office, developing relationships with customers and managing human resources. However, Khang still manages to find time for his true calling as a senior web developer.
Willing to step out of his comfort zone to experience different roles, Nguyen Nam Khang succeeded in pursuing his dream. He is typical of today’s successful youth: dynamic, eager to learn and always devoted to his passion.

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